Courses for Second year - Fourth Semester B Pharmacy Students

Scope: The subject involves the fundamentals of Pharmacognosy like scope, classification of crude drugs, their identification and evaluation, phytochemicals present in them and their medicinal properties.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student shall be able

1. to know the techniques in the cultivation and production of crude drugs

2. to know the crude drugs, their uses and chemical nature

3. know the evaluation techniques for the herbal drugs

4. to carry out the microscopic and morphological evaluation of crude drugs

Scope: The main purpose of the subject is to understand what drugs do to the living organisms and how their effects can be applied to therapeutics. The subject covers the information about the drugs like, mechanism of action, physiological and biochemical effects (pharmacodynamics) as well as absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (pharmacokinetics) along with the adverse effects, clinical uses, interactions, doses, contraindications and routes of administration of different classes of drugs.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student should be able to

1. Understand the pharmacological actions of different categories of drugs

2. Explain the mechanism of drug action at organ system/sub cellular/macromolecular levels.

3. Apply the basic pharmacological knowledge in the prevention and treatment ofvarious diseases.

4. Observe the effect of drugs on animals by simulated experiments

5. Appreciate correlation of pharmacology with other bio medical sciences

Scope: The course deals with the various physica and physicochemical properties, and principles involved in dosage forms/formulations. Theory and practical components of the subject help the student to get a better insight into various areas of formulation research and development, and stability studies of pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Objectives: Upon the completion of the course student shall be able to

1. Understand various physicochemical properties of drug molecules in the designing the dosage forms

2. Know the principles of chemical kinetics & to use them for stability testing and determination of expiry date of formulations

3. Demonstrate use of physicochemical properties in the formulation development and evaluation of dosage forms.

Scope: This subject is designed to impart fundamental knowledge on the structure, chemistry and therapeutic value of drugs. The subject emphasizes on structure activity relationships of drugs, importance of physicochemical properties and metabolism of drugs. The syllabus also emphasizes on chemical synthesis of important drugs under each class.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course the student shall be able to

1. understand the chemistry of drugs with respect to their pharmacological activity

2. understand the drug metabolic pathways, adverse effect and therapeutic value of drugs

3. know the Structural Activity Relationship (SAR) of different class of drugs

4. write the chemical synthesis of some drugs

Scope: This subject imparts knowledge on stereo-chemical aspects of organic compounds and organic reactions, important named reactions, chemistry of important hetero cyclic compounds. It also emphasizes on medicinal and other uses of organic compounds.

Objectives: At the end of the course, the student shall be able to

1. understand the methods of preparation and properties of organic compounds

2. explain the stereo chemical aspects of organic compounds and stereo chemical reactions

3. know the medicinal uses and other applications of organic compounds